(Mongolia) Trip through Mongolia part 2

Blog Date 18-05-2013 Day 4 Prepared for a long time in the morning. Lunch already made and vegetables for the evening already cut. Now I really said goodbye to the last things and I’m good to go. Today we had to walk next to the horses a lot because we started on a very steep mountain with wind force not to be measured on the … Continue reading (Mongolia) Trip through Mongolia part 2

(Mongolia) Trip through Mongolia, part 1

Blog date 15-05-2013 Evening before the trip Finally a kitchen to use. When I left home I was so happy that I didn’t have to cook for a while, but after all the crazy, unusual and sometimes also bad food, after almost 2 weeks you are happy to be able to make something yourself. Just put ingredients in what you like and know well. They … Continue reading (Mongolia) Trip through Mongolia, part 1

(China) From Bejing to Ulaanbaatar part 2

Part 2 of getting to Ulaanbaatar: Blog date 11-05-2013: New obstacle‚Ķ Nothing was allowed to be on the roof of the car when the car actually crosses the border and there are still a few mega backpacks on the roof. The Jeep was completely packed with goods that the driver had to import, so he took the back seat out and put our bags there. … Continue reading (China) From Bejing to Ulaanbaatar part 2

(China) From Bejing to Ulaanbaatar part 1

Blog date 11-05-2013 Woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning to take the train to Erlian today. I am ready for a new adventure. Beijing has been nice when I look back on it, but for now I’m done with the Chinese. I decided to take the metro to the trainstation, so I no longer had to deal with those annoying taxi drivers. But … Continue reading (China) From Bejing to Ulaanbaatar part 1

(Bejing) The Great Wall

Blog date: 10-05-2013 The day is here. Going to see that little wall somewhere in the mountains!!!! Can’t wait to see it with my own eyes!!!! Made myself I care package with some fruit, cookies and some other good stuff. The little tourist bus was waiting at my little hostel. When I sat down in the bus the good english speaking tour guide started to … Continue reading (Bejing) The Great Wall

(Bejing) Model for a day (or more)

Dutch version below! Blog date: 05-05-2013 Hi followers! Since a lot is blocked on the internet here in China and everything online is going very slow I’ll do my best to keep everybody at home updated but it won’t be easy…. But let’s get started about Bejing!! Not sure if it’s the culture shock, spitting local people, children shitting their pants in the middle of … Continue reading (Bejing) Model for a day (or more)