(Russia) End of the Beginning

Blog Date: 08-06-2013


Woke up early the next morning for a free Moscow tour. First tried to score breakfast, but that didn’t go as smoothly as hoped. In the end I only ate a piece of cheese and ham before the tour started.
It was a very large group that came along. (Could’ve expected that with a free tour) We walked through a large part of the city with the guide, she could tell us all about it.
The tour lasted for about 3 hours and got to see a lot of Moscow. While we walked through the city she explained a lot about the history. Somehow Moscow is beautiful in certain places but very ‘Grey’ at the same time when you’re getting a bit further out of the city center. On my way back to the hostel had some MacDonalds and didn’t do much the rest of the day.

The Hostel was on Arba Street. A Very nice and beautiful street with lots of different shops and from the balcony I could see and hear the street artists everywhere so that was kind of nice to just chill out.

In the evening walked through the Arbat street a bit and watched people. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a really nice street. It’s all the good you expect from Moscow in 1 street. Lots of street musicians, painters, portraitists, mimes and other artists.
Later on the same evening I went to the Red Square and the Kremlin which was so nice to see with all the lights 🙂


The next morning I slept in a bit (wasn’t really possible since it was a dorm) and pack for  the journey back to the Netherlands, a small travelbreak. It’s feels a bit strange to go back to the Netherlands, since I didn’t leave that long ago. But there’s lots more travelling up ahead. Actually realised that it was a great few weeks and could definitly do this ‘living out of a backpack’ for a looooong time

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