(India) First Steps in India

Blog Date: 11-07-2013

What an enormous mix of feelings to leave family and friends behind again in that little country…. I wanted to continue so badly, but will also miss so much from the Netherlands. It is very different to leave now then last time. The first time leaving the Netherlands was ‘only’ for about 7 weeks.. Now I know that I won’t be coming back to the Netherlands for a long period. How long ?? No idea… Sure you can always go back when you want to but still it remains difficult despite wanting this for sooooooooooooo long.
Enough sentimental stuff now anyway…

I was prepared for the worst of the worst as soon as I entered India, but so far it has not been that bad. Once landed in Mumbay everything went quite simple and easy despite the crowds. Once outside, only 1 person tried to get me and other tourists into expensive taxis, which we obviously did not do. I needed some Indian Rupees first anyway. While searching for an ATM I met 2 other British backpackers who had been to India before so knew how everything worked here. They wanted to share a taxi to the south of Mumbay and we did. It all went quite simple with these experienced backpackers.
Once arrived at the destination we were all looking for a hostel. This also went very easily, since there were so many hostels here. From 2 euros -10 star hostels a night to 5 stars 300 euros per night hotels!!!

We found something that was actually a bit too expensive, but since it’s not busy season here, it is very easy to negotiate for a room. So in the end paid half of what you actually paid for it. Yes, I am getting better at it. Just say no, it is too expensive, then we will go to the hostel next door. And the poor people always call you back or come after you .. Well, better rent out a room cheaply than none. So a win-win situation.

The photo below was the actual hostel. Looked a bit better inside though!

india hostel mumbai

There is not a moment in the day when you walk by and do not hear a car horn or that you are stared at. The other people said that you will get used to this after a few hours in Mumbai but don’t want to stay too long in Mumbay anyway so walked to the train station together with the British to buy tickets. Bought our first food along the way and WOW that really tasty. So we also immediately bought some antibiotics and other drugs just in case I couldn’t handle this street food.
Today relaxed the rest of the day as far as thats possible in this busy city and visited some small shops while wandering around. Tomorrow some sightseeing and Saturday evening the train goes to Goa.

india 1

india 2

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