(Mongolia) Last days in Ulaanbaatar

Blog Date 29-05-2020

After the trip I’ve spent the last days in UB. Socializing with other backpackers and exploring the city. After a while it looked like a Dutch invasion in Mongolia. Has Mongolia become the new Spain? Not really but it was very nice to speak to other Dutch people who are also traveling. Everyone has their own story and their own plan. For example, I had a nice time with Saskia and Ben who’ve been traveling for some time. Some other backpackers and me went to the huuuuuuge statue of Ghengis Khan and to a traditional Mongolian theater where they were throat singing… (CLICK HERE)

The last evening some of us had a nice dinner with the owner of the guesthouse (Golden Gobi Guesthouse) It was so much fun. Heard many beautiful stories and talked a lot about the difference of the Netherlands and Mongolia. (yes she had been in the Netherlands)..
It has been a nice few weeks in Mongolia that are difficult to describe…. If anyone asks about it I will definitely recommend it. Beautiful nature and friendly people… 

On the 4th of June I’ll take the train to go to Moscow. About 6200km in 4.5 days….. So enough time to dream about the Mongolian experience….


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