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Blog date: 04-05-2013

It’s 3AM in Holland at the moment, 9AM here and I’m in a mini van ready for a 67 minute drive but lets start at the beginning

Thursday morning at 6AM the alarm went of to get ready to leave the Netherlands. After a very busy weird last week here. I had to get all the last bits and pieces I wanted to keep out of my little apartment and give the keys to next occupant. It’s a strange feeling not having my own apartment anymore but on the other hand it feels so normal to stay at my parents house again. My dishes are getting done, my food getting cooked for me and there are always some clean cloths to wear.
The last night that the apartment was mine I gave a big goodbye party. So weird seeing all my friends. It doesn’t feel like I’m not going to see them for a long time. I won’t explain how that party was but for the people who were there and reading this. They will most likely have a smile on their face..

But then it’s time to leave. First of a 12 hour trip to Kuala Lumpur without any further plans. It’s so weird going somewhere without a plan. I probably have to get used to it that I’m going somewhere without having a plan. But that’s what I really want. Not having a plan and see where life will take me!

Arrived at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) and found out that if you have a 6 hour or longer layover you can actually leave the airport. After a bit of searching I’ve found the train station to get a train into the city. I realised that I’m in Asia after a few steps out of the airport since the humidity was about 80% and really hot. Love the temperature so much πŸ™‚

It’s about 3AM in Holland now and pretty desperate to found a room to sleep for a few hours since I couldn’t sleep in the plane because I was just to excited to sleep. So from the train station I just started walking and asked around for a cheap hotel. Got some directions and because there were so many friendly people I’ve found some hotels pretty quick and it really feels like asia. Friendly helpful people and Asian scents everywhere (nice and less nice haha)
Walked in at the first hotel I’ve found but it was a shock how much they charged for a room just for a few hours to catch up on some sleep. That definitely wasn’t an Asian price im used to. So popped into some other hotels and they we’re all overcharging (in my opinion) for a few hours. I knew I was going to be scammed some day while traveling but that it’s already there pretty much sucked. Probably i looked like someone who could really use some sleep and all people thought that they can charge me as much as they want since I’m going to get a room anyway. After an hour of searching for something cheap (so yes it’s 4AM now Dutchietime) I was pretty much done looking around so decided to get to small hotel that wanted to give me a pretty fair deal and I could check out whenever it suits me. Finally I can get some sleep (And no not that smart to do since it’s 9AM 09.00 local time so my jet lag will enjoy this haha)

After about 5 hours of sleep and some freshing up with a cold shower. Jup cold shower… I knew I wasn’t going to be a luxury vacation but after the first night (sort of) and the first hotel I’ve got a cold shower:-( It sucked but felt good at the same time. So refreshing!! After stepping out of the shower, I saw a small switch I had to turn on so I had hot water. I was laughing at myself I’m so blonde every now and then….

I’ve had a few hours left so wanted to go and see the city for a little while before the next flight. The weather was so bad and pouring down rain I decided to go to a cute little restaurant next door to chill out there, have some food and use the wifi to let the people back home know I survived the first day abroad. The weather didn’t get any better and I really didn’t want to be soaking wet before getting on another plane. I asked someone at the restaurant if they could get me a taxi to take me to the train station. He said it was a waste of money since it was so close. But for the people who know me well, know that I really really hate getting soaked while you need to go somewhere… He started laughing when I told him that, he grabbed a big umbrella and took me through all the small alleys behind the restaurant and i took a few minutes the get to the train station that way… Can you imagine someone doing that in Holland?!?!
Long story short. Didn’t really do anything in Kuala Lumpur but had some cool experiences πŸ™‚

Next stop Bejing. I wonder what that will bring πŸ™‚

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