Surreal but Nice

Blog date: 13-04-2013

It’s so unrealistic that I’m about to leave. Today I’ve said goodbye to my first customers in my shop. Such i good feeling that my days in my shop are almost done:-)

The last few weeks have been extremely busy. Getting rid of everything in my house and taking care of all the stuff you have to take care of when you are leaving your home country for a long time. It’s still so normal to just go to work every day and do your daily things. The time is actually going so fast I can’t keep track of it myself. When im at work, the only thing that’s on my mind is what I still have to take care of before stepping into that plane to Asia. All the work stress is gone. It’s weird, the shop I used to care about so much since I always wanted to have the best shop in the Netherlands doesn’t matter anymore. When you’ve made a decision to leave stuff like that behind you suddenly realise that it’s actually not imported how well you do your job if it’s something that doesn’t entirely makes you happy…
(since this is an old blog I’m editing i can say, do something that you love. If you have to work, make sure it’s work that doesn’t feel like work. When you wake up in the morning and think, f*ck why do I have to work today multiple times a week, you are doing something wrong)
Anyway, back to editing the actual blog.

I’ve been so busy quitting my ‘old life’ that I didn’t think about what I want to do and where. Because there is so much to do some thing can get a little bit frustrating and it makes you think, is this all worth it?!? Why did I want to leave again? Untill I was sitting outside in a little bit of sun and started thinking I am going to be a wanderer in this world. I won’t have a job, 0 income, no house to go back to and all the stuff I own fits in 1 bag. That sounds pretty dramatic like my life is over. But it’s exactly the other way around. Time to live!!

The past few weeks I’ve seen my whole life come by in boxes. My first birthday cards, old photo’s of friends I don’t see anymore and old phone’s that are half broken and still remember when and how that happened.

The last bits before going on the trip of my life are falling a bit heavy. Especially saying goodbye to lots of people you won’t see for a long time and I might not have any contact with and wonder if they will still be the same when I come back (if I come back) Or maybe I will be a changed person….
Finally I can make my dream turn into reality and see the world!

19 Days left 🙂

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