Preps, So it begins

Blog date: 16-03-2013

A few months ago I had to make the decision when I wanted to start on my big journey since I had to start to sell my house, quit my job and get visa’s for a few countries, which can be a little bit frustrating….. Why? Well, some people at the embassies don’t really speak any good Dutch or English, some Phone numbers are not the correct numbers on the websites and if they are the right numbers they don’t understand anything you’re trying to ask…. Anyway let’s go back to what I actually wanted to write…

I’ve booked a ticket to Beijing, China!! Since I want to do everything the cheapest way possible I will have an 18 hour layover in Kuala Lumpur but that’s okay. I can actually go and have a look around there 🙂 It wasn’t my actual plan to start in China but here’s why…

Because I want to see my new nephew or niece in June I will travel to Bejing through Mongolia to Moscow and from there go back to Holland to have a little traveling break and have a look at the little family extension. After the mini break in Holland i’ll make my way towards India to (most likely) have the biggest culture shock i’ll ever have and to stay away from the Netherlands for a while to see this beautiful world.

The past few days I’ve been thinking about ‘later’ What happens if I love traveling that much I never want to go back to Holland. Especially not going back to that 9 to 17 job (or in my case 7 to 21) Is it possible to be traveling around the world for ever without having loads of money on your bank account?  It sounds pretty good to me. No clue when or if I will return to the Netherlands… Who knows….

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